My current project – August 1 2007

taken to seclusion

this is a sketch from my Daily Draw (Damaged Goods Series). I work at a level 5 lock-down facility for adolescent girls with drug and alcohol issues (and most have mental disorders). It was done after a particularly intense work shift where girls were taken to seclusion (a locked concrete room) where they stayed for almost 4 hours. Taking girls to seclusion is one of the aspects I most hate about my job. When I got home I knew I needed to process things. I figured I either needed to vomit, get drunk or draw and drawing sounded the least hellish of the three choices.

I plan to make dolls in environments based on this sketch and hopefully I’ll have the sculpy models done soon so that i can start envisioning it in 3-D and post the ongoing process here.


2 Responses to “My current project – August 1 2007”

  1. Cindy Says:

    WOW! Eileen, these are so evocative! They communicate just what I would imagine a lock down seclusion might be like, the PAIN, frustration, anger UGH! Thanks for drawing and sharing, it sounds like you made a strong connection with the girls, you witnessed their pain which is soooo hard to do. What a tough job!

    Cindy (from the Kaliedosoul group)

  2. sally Says:

    I feel like this too most days after being out in the City and seeing how slowly we are recovering from Katrina!
    i think dolls that looks like this would be a HUGE success!
    or t-shirts-
    Keep up the good work and than you for your support!
    Sally G in New Orleans

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