Doodling as a Coping Skill

Doodling is a major coping skill for me. It helps me deal with anxiety and allows me to bring humor into situations that are difficult for me. In almost every circumstance there is a way to doodle. I have “doodled” in sand with my toe, in grass with piles of grass “clippings”, on fogged up windows. Anywhere or anyway that you can make a mark you can doodle. This was done on the back of a receipt with a pen I had with me.

There are many approaches to doodling. Mine tend to be freeform with lots of creatures, text snippets and personal patterns developed over the years. I would definitely have done math doodling like this if I’d known about it (and maybe would have even learned a thing or two in my math classes). There are also more structured approaches like Zentangles. These are good to get non-doodlers started and add to doodling vocabulary for those who already doodle. They try to get people to buy kits but most of the information is available for free in their newsletters.



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