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The Importance of Creative Community

March 20, 2011

There are forces for destruction all around us everyday: mass-produced crap, rudeness, shitty moral values, ugly buildings, toxic jobs, toxic relationships (in addition to the usual things like death, age and taxes) and for all people, everywhere, there needs to be some sort of antidote or you.will.go.crazy.

For people who consider creativity an important part of their lives, the antidote must include something that feeds it. This is where creative community comes in. People who get it…who get YOU. Who are positive forces for creation. Who can laugh at the idiosyncrasies of others, like them, who love odd things and odd people. People who share an appreciation for color, texture, shape, ideas. People to cheer you on in a world where this is rare.

Break out of your comfort zone. Feed your soul.

I do, every Sunday night, at a little community bar/restaurant, with like-minded folk and I come away feeling a little bit healed and a little bit nourished and a little more able to deal with the rest of the week and its attempts to tear me down.

And if you can’t find your community, make your community. Its important, it really is.


Artist: Pam Kravetz

March 15, 2011

I did an internet search on topsy-turvy dolls, a style of doll that’s been around for as long as I can remember. I wanted to see different ways of attaching arms and legs and generally to see how they are constructed. Well, I didn’t find any of that here at Pam Kravetz’ website, BUT I really liked these dolls and she is making them very much in the spirit of the transformative doll class i’m taking (which I am SO glad I signed up for).

Dollmaking as a Transformative Process

March 6, 2011

My birthday present to myself this year was taking the above class (sign-ups open until March 15th) from an artist who’s work I have long admired, Pamela Hastings (in conjunction with another artist, Barbara Kobe). I will share small bits and pieces here as they fit in with my larger explorations.

This is the body of a doll and some pieces I am playing with.