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New online dollmaking class!

September 12, 2011

Pamela Hastings - Tears of the Cities

Pamela Hastings - Tears of the Cities

The last online class taught by Pamela Hastings was amazing (Dollmaking as a Transformative Process). I got so much from Pamela and the interactions with the other artists. Way more than I originally thought I would. It was a small, intense group and I find ideas from that class still inspiring my creative process.

This next class, Three-Dimensional Doll Design, goes more into the nuts and bolts (um, needles and threads… scissors and ?) of turning 2D ideas into 3D reality which is where I really (!) need help. I am so dyslexic when I sew. It is usually upside-down, inside-out and backwards from what I thought I was doing.


a little bit MIA lately

September 11, 2011

spider with Bjork's eyeshere as well as real life.

which is not to say that i haven’t been doing and making things. just kind of more haphazardly than i’d like.

played with painter 12 a little. I like it for the most part, the brushes are much spunkier and more realistic, but the interface feels kind of awkward to me. Maybe I’m just too used to the old one.