Doing is Important

self care doll made in 3D dollmaking class

self care doll for myself.

I’ve been learning alot in my 3D doll class. And not just about making dolls. I am learning (again…and again…and again…) that doing is important. I think alot. I have brilliant ideas (well, according to me, lol). I start alot of things. But sometimes I think just thinking about things is enough. Its the fun part and very satisfying. But I am learning (again) that doing, while it may not be the instant gratification of ideas, teaches in a whole different way. It is like the difference between a quick, delicious but unsustaining snack and a deeply satisfying meal made with love and precision and mindfulness. Snacks have their place but they are not a substitute for meals!

It also teaches me about me and fear, persistence, frustration, etc… And getting to the other side.

I have been enjoying making selfcare dolls for me and J. It ties in to the previous class on Dollmaking as a Transformative Art

doll from 3d Dollmaking class

self care doll made for J (in process)

. Having a visual, tangible reminder of how I want to experience life and take care of myself is helpful. I get lost in my head sometimes.

I will try to post here on a more regular basis. until next time, I hope you are happy and creating and enjoying life.


2 Responses to “Doing is Important”

  1. Mark Says:

    Very true E. I’m just the same. I think about doing lots of things. IN the past I used to read self help books and when it came to exercises I’d say to myself “Yeah I can see how that would help” and then not do it. lol.

    • eileen2000 Says:

      humans are funny creatures, aren’t we? Why do we resist the things that would help us and jump wholeheartedly into the things that don’t?

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