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DIY Toys

September 20, 2013


Brabbit – done with colored sharpies by Eileen McGarvey 2013


close-up of brabbit. sharpies on vinyl Eileen McGarvey, 2013

This is Brabbit. (He/She is a 5″ mini Qee: BuneeQ) Brabbit is my first attempt at DIY vinyl toy blanks. I used sharpies and just drew directly on the vinyl in the same style I doodle in. It was really fun to see my doodle style on something 3D!

5inch MiniQee DIY Bunee blank

5inch MiniQee DIY Bunee blank

My interest in toys in general, and certain artists like Gary Baseman, led me to explore the whole world of vinyl collectibles, especially the “blanks” that you draw or paint or collage on yourself.

Giant Robot Magazine

Giant Robot Magazine

Gary Baseman Vinyl

Gary Baseman Vinyl

I think I first saw something about them in Giant Robot. a magazine I used to read religiously until it folded. It had such a fresh perspective on creativity in lots of different areas that I am interested in, i.e. art, music, movies, books, toys, etc… AND it showed toys elevated into something beyond just little kids playthings. That being said, most of the vinyl I’ve seen is VERY forgettable and not at all appealing. There are about 10 artists who really take it to another level.

My next attempt will be Andrew Bell’s “The Giver”. I have some interesting ideas for how to interpret that idea and of course I love the stylized skull, tiny wings, pod-like shape AND the wild, long, slender and very moveable arms. Stay tuned…



yearly (cough, cough) update

September 14, 2013

angry rainbows in my head

Ha! Well, it seems like it usually works out that way, anyway… But, now that I have the WordPress app on my mobile devices *maybe* it will be more regular (like twice a year).

On the creative front:

  • been going to Drink-n-Draw Sunday nights at the Goodfoot Lounge  which has been restorative. I just love being around creative, intelligent people and I love having my creativity and intelligence appreciated. In most settings I’m in people just don’t really get why I do what I do and when I try to explain it, it just convinces them that I’m as weird as they originally thought I was, or maybe weirder.
  • Focus Generator, my friend Nanette Wylde’s, online creativity booster site is always a good jumpstart for me. Oddly, I am most attracted to writing poems there.
  • I am taking Pamela Hasting’s Hot Flash doll making class for the second time. I love Pamela’s energy and the safe space she creates for other makers in her classes. I would highly recommend any of her classes .
  • I am making dolls but I realized that I need to upgrade my craftsmanship and efficiency so I am working my way through a very good book, “Stuffed Animals from Concept to Construction” by Abby Partner Glassenberg, and making each project to continue my education. Most of the patterns are a liitle too mainstream for me, so I’ll probably be changing them up some. Once I have increased my skill set I will have a VERY special doll to show you!!! I am super excited to work on her and I will try and document my process in photos here.
  • I also participated in a doll exhibit at home bass, a fun place with a small gallery-ish space that is all about art, music and toys  and in a collaborative art project, “Playing with a Full Deck”, sponsored by Liz Cohn at gallery 6 pdx, a cool little gallery right next to home bass. It was exciting to see that one of the collaborative cards I worked on with fellow collaborators Marty Gordon and Liz Cohn: Angry Rainbows in My Head, actually sold!