yearly (cough, cough) update

angry rainbows in my head

Ha! Well, it seems like it usually works out that way, anyway… But, now that I have the WordPress app on my mobile devices *maybe* it will be more regular (like twice a year).

On the creative front:

  • been going to Drink-n-Draw Sunday nights at the Goodfoot Lounge  which has been restorative. I just love being around creative, intelligent people and I love having my creativity and intelligence appreciated. In most settings I’m in people just don’t really get why I do what I do and when I try to explain it, it just convinces them that I’m as weird as they originally thought I was, or maybe weirder.
  • Focus Generator, my friend Nanette Wylde’s, online creativity booster site is always a good jumpstart for me. Oddly, I am most attracted to writing poems there.
  • I am taking Pamela Hasting’s Hot Flash doll making class for the second time. I love Pamela’s energy and the safe space she creates for other makers in her classes. I would highly recommend any of her classes .
  • I am making dolls but I realized that I need to upgrade my craftsmanship and efficiency so I am working my way through a very good book, “Stuffed Animals from Concept to Construction” by Abby Partner Glassenberg, and making each project to continue my education. Most of the patterns are a liitle too mainstream for me, so I’ll probably be changing them up some. Once I have increased my skill set I will have a VERY special doll to show you!!! I am super excited to work on her and I will try and document my process in photos here.
  • I also participated in a doll exhibit at home bass, a fun place with a small gallery-ish space that is all about art, music and toys  and in a collaborative art project, “Playing with a Full Deck”, sponsored by Liz Cohn at gallery 6 pdx, a cool little gallery right next to home bass. It was exciting to see that one of the collaborative cards I worked on with fellow collaborators Marty Gordon and Liz Cohn: Angry Rainbows in My Head, actually sold!

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