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Art and survival

March 12, 2016

An artist friend I greatly admire, Judith Hoffman, recently posted a link to this blog post from artist Luann Udell – “Go Forth and Make Stuff”, on facebook and it was a timely reminder for me.

Over the past few years art has taken a back seat to coping/survival. However, what this article points out, and what I have been feeling deep inside lately, is that art is a critical part of my survival. Maybe it is a critical part of your survival, too.

GAC_little witch
“…you have a voice. You have just this one life to use it. And it’s NEVER TOO LATE to use it. Okay, you have a job, a real job or role, one that you like, or even love, or a care-taking role, or anything else you simply do or have. …you need the restoration, the sanity, the healing power you get by putting your own power out into the world, to support this other, vitally important work you do…”