More About Me

I am an odd collection of things I think. I make things. I try to help people. I am curious and like to learn. I try to be mindful and compassionate. I forget things and am careless sometimes. I am out of shape and kind of a slob. I love animals, especially my dogs and rats. I have a beautiful, loving family although we are somewhat spread across the country. I am continually trying to grow as a creative, loving person. I grow in spurts.

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2 Responses to “More About Me”

  1. Kirky aka Mrs Lyn Welsh Kirk Says:

    Hey Eileen. Am way Bhind in me emails but finally got 2 U’res. I luv the way U have describe U’reself. That lil dog on ya page reminds me of the little evil bastard who’s in charge of our country…LOL

    Have saved this in me favs & will pop back later 2 checkit out fully.


  2. Marleeta Conchita Says:

    Love the bloggie…you forgot to mention about yourself that you are a TRUE great friend, very insperational, dedicated to friends…no matter what, you are also a fantastic mother…oh and a great travel buddy. Not sure if any one else could have explained “shuman skin” to me quite the way you did. hahah. classic. I’m such a dork.

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