I really don’t know why i love dolls so much. I guess because they can be actors, voices for different stories in my head and because they are embodied. maybe that’s it. And their tactile qualities. And although I love all dolls, including traditional dolls, my special love is what most people would call strange dolls. The subpages in this category are dolls I have made. I hope to add more soon.

some doll sites I like are:

Gvozdariki (in Russian)

Rhonda Gushee

Ozz Dolls Factory (Julien Martinez – site is in French)

Misery Children (kathie olivas – i love her paintings and her dolls)

iHanna (especially like the Queen Elizabeth doll)

Julie Arkell

Keiko Iwamuro

Bloody Circus of Scary Dolls (Russian, but site is written in English)

Shelter for Misfit Dolls (tons of links to unusual doll sites)

Jenny Harada (monster dolls)

Freaky Deaky Dolls (Joanna Bond’s deconstructed and reconstructed Barbies)

The Enchanted Doll (Marina Bychkova’s ball-jointed porcelain dolls) (Beth Robinson)

Spookbot (Lori Fury)

Devout Dolls (Sara Lanzillotta)

Wee Wonderfuls (Hillary Lang)

Megan Noel (beaded dolls)

Carol Dellinger (beaded dolls)

Kevin Titzer (driftwood and metal dolls)

Halska Serefine (dolls, fashion, art)

Crazy Dolls (dolls from dollmakers in US and France)

StrangeCo. (“purveyors of the peculiar”)

Tata (porcelain “tattooed” doll – site is mostly in Japanese)

Original Doll (site is interestingly translated into English from Japanese; lots of links)

Pamela Hastings

Noe Takahashi (one of my favorites is the newborn dogs – site is mostly in Japanese)

Moses Branson (hopefully site will be updated soon)

Scott Radke (if I ever get rich I’m buying one of these)

Jill Smith (textile and doll artist)

Hans Belmer (early artist who worked with dolls and doll themes)

Chomick + Meder (automata and other strangeness)

Holley Bakich (dolls are in fine art section – Sideshow is particularly interesting)

Angel Devil Land (Anna Puchalski)

Cody Goodin (I like his healing dolls the best)

Cathy Rose (dolls made from found materials)

Shelley Thornton (beautiful cloth dolls)

Annie’s Dolls (Annie Mayer Hesse – beaded dolls)


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