SoulCollage® Cards

I have started making SoulCollage® cards. A kind of personal deck representing different aspects of yourself and the universe. It can be used as an aid to intuitive brainstorming and problem-solving. These are my first cards.

I have used other artist’s illustrations and photos in my collages without concern for copyright since these are for my personal use only. However, I realize by sharing them here I may be violating someone’s copyright. If any artist or photographer objects to a card with their image on it I will remove it from the blog immediately.


enjoyfemininityearth motherprotectiontruth seekersGuardian AngelDeathmonkeyshineshiding


One Response to “SoulCollage® Cards”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Eileen, Very powerful cards! I used to work with adolescents struggling with addiction also. I think SoulCollage is a great tool to use with them. I used a lot of collage in my work, but never quite like SoulCollage. The focus on one thing at a time, the acceptance and honoring of self, the ability to “vision” a future new self. I think it’s very revealing and ultimately can be quite healing. Thanks for sharing.

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